Remember Acne-Safe Products with Lovelyloot App

People with acne-prone skin must be careful to avoid any products that contain pore clogging ingredients. Everything from make-up to shampoo, we recommend that you always check the ingredient label before putting any product on your skin.

Once you find an acne-safe product, how do you remember what it is?

Try downloading Lovelyloot, the free mobile app that saves and organizes your favorite beauty products.

You can search from over 150,000 beauty products, create custom collections, and add notes. Not only is this app handy for remembering acne-safe products, but also for remembering which products to avoid!

Plus, with the holidays upon us, this app makes shopping super easy. Never forget your foundation shade, that amazing mascara you want to try, or your gift wish lists. Black Friday is coming-up, and Lovelyloot makes shopping easy!

Plus, Lovelyloot is a local brand, which was founded by one of our long-time clients in Oakland.

Check-out Lovelyloot online or download the app for free in the App Store.

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