We have updated our Safe Lists20220202134730

We have updated our Safe Lists

Julie PruittFebruary 2, 20220 comments
If you are a client you have access to our safe lists on our website-scroll down and you’ll see it in the footer under “Client Area”...
Become a Certified Acne Specialist!20210126221420

Become a Certified Acne Specialist!

After getting my esthetician license, I found that the general acne training I received in school didn’t really serve me as an esthetician — or ...
Happy New Year! Kinda20210101115852

Happy New Year! Kinda

Julie PruittJanuary 1, 20210 comments
It’s been a year of great loss for me both personally and professionally. We lost my brother to Covid at the beginning of the pandemic and as a ...
Beat “Maskne” with These 5 Tips20201223152028

Beat “Maskne” with These 5 Tips

Rachel HowardDecember 23, 20200 comments
If you’re anything like us, you’re probably experiencing more breakouts in 2020. And that’s likely thanks to more stress plus wearin...
Get Clear Skin From Anywhere20201102170244

Get Clear Skin From Anywhere

Julie PruittNovember 2, 20200 comments
 Get Clear Skin From Anywhere Join thousands of clients from across the country to get clear skin by  signing up for ASO’s long-distan...