Do Cell Phones Cause Breakouts? #AcneMythbusters

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In this week’s Acne Mythbusters, we investigate this everyday habit that could be causing your breakouts.

Fact or Myth: Could your cell phone cause a breakout?


Dirty Cell Phones Breed Bacteria
Bacteria is one of the primary causes of acne. And be honest: you take your cell phone everywhere with you.

In a 2011 study, researchers at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine found fecal matter on one out of every six smartphones. Additionally, a University of Arizona microbiologist named Charles Gerba found cell phones carry 10 times the bacteria of most toilet seats. (Want to check our sources? See this article from USA Today.)

Not only do cell phones carry bacteria, but they also become a technological petri-dish. The heat from the cell phone creates an environment for bacteria to thrive.

Cell Phones Rub You the Wrong Way
Even if you have a pristine, clean cell phone, anything that repeatedly rubs your face can cause breakouts. (See our other post, Makeout Breakouts.) If you’re rubbing your phone against your cheek, the heat and sweat can trigger a breakout. The pressure encourages oil glands to secrete more oil and traps bacteria, dirt, and make-up in your pores.

4 #AcneSafe Cell Phone Tips

  1. Use a microphone
  2. Use the speakerphone
  3. Hold your cell phone away from your face
  4. Don’t pick your pimples

5 Reasons Your Skin Stills Breaks Out

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As we always say, consistency is key to for keeping your skin clear of acne.

So, what do we mean by consistency?

We mean that you’re:

  1. Consistently using acne-safe skin care products
  2. Consistently sticking to the personalized day and night regimen provided by your Acne Specialist
  3. Consistently practicing lifestyle and health habits that help, not hurt, your skin

Sometimes, you’re doing everything right, but you’re still breaking out. It’s time to look at what you do everyday and find the culprit. Continue reading

How to Maximize Your Acne Treatment Experience

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To get the most out of your acne treatment (or facial), follow the steps in this timeline before and after your appointment.

1 week before…
If you have a special event, schedule your treatment 1-2 weeks before the event date.

If you are using a prescription retinol, stop 1 week before treatment.

Be diligent about your SPF before a treatment. We can’t treat your skin if you’re sunburnt!

3 days before…
If you get your eyebrows waxed (or any other facial hair removal), schedule your facial hair appointment removal no closer than 3 days before treatment. After treatment, wait at least 1-week, or else your face will be red!

24 hours before…
Stop your actives (mandelic acid serums and benzoyl peroxide) 24 hours before your treatment. (If you’re dry of sensitive, make that 48 hours.) Continue reading

9 Beach Vacation Tips For Sensitive & Acne-Prone Skin

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Our client snapped us this picture from the beach in Oahu, Hawaii. Aloha! 

Before her trip, she asked us for tips for taking care of sensitive skin on a tropical beach vacation. Read below for tips on how to not get sunburnt (or break-out) on your next sunny trip!

Before your trip…

  1. Buy acne-safe sunblock & vitamin C products. As we always say, protect your skin from the sunshine rays for long lasting, beautiful skin! For long-lasting coverage, we carry the Solarex zinc sunscreen. For the body, our favorite beach sunblock is Neutrogena Beach Defense. Vitamin C products are also a boost to your sun protection. Try our Vitamin C Super serum and Vitamin C toner. (On a hot day, the toner is great in a little spray bottle to carry with you and spritz on your face!)
  2. Stop using Vitamin A serums. Vitamin A makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. If you’re using a Vitamin A serum, stop one week before your sunny trip.
  3. Spray tan gradient towards your face. If you’re getting a spray tan, avoid spraying the product on your face. If someone is airbrushing you, as them to spray a gradient towards your face, starting from your shoulders.
  4. Use Aquafor on the airplane. If your skin and lips get try on the airplane, use Aquafor original to keep the moisture locked in. (Use the original Aquafor and avoid Aquafor for lips.)

During your trip… Continue reading

Why Teenagers Get Bad Acne

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Clear skin is hard to achieve for acne-prone teenagers. There are many factors that contribute to this, with two being out of anyone’s control:

Hormones: the hormones associated with puberty cause oil production, inflammation, and build-up of dead skin in the pores — all of which lead to acne. While adult hormones are manageable with dietary and lifestyle changes, puberty hormones can be much more difficult.

Stress: Do you remember high school? Talk about stressful! Academics, extracurricular activities, and social pressures increase stress levels dramatically, making hormones surge further. In some cases, the combination of stress and puberty hormones will override treatments and products.

Continue reading

Camping & Backpacking Skincare Tips for Acne-Prone Skin

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Spring and summer weather call for camping and backpacking trips. While you are fierce when facing the elements, your acne-prone skin is more delicate. Your skin is more sensitive as you literally face heat, humidity, elevation, dirt, sweat, and sun exposure. On top of mother nature’s forces, you’re breaking your skincare routine. (As we always say, a consistent routine is key to clear skin.)

To keep you looking as beautiful as Reese Witherspoon on your own Wild adventure, here are skincare tips for when you hit the trail.

Cleansing Wipes: You may want to save your water for drinking, not cleansing your skin. We get it. We recommend packing acne-safe cleansing wipes (our favorite is the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Wipes). Or, you can soak cotton pads in a toner for DIY cleansing wipes. If you’re sweating bullets, use the toner pads a few times a day and reapply your SPF. Continue reading

3 Tips For Your Spring Skincare Products & Routine

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The winter months can leave skin dry, sensitive, and full of dead layers. To relieve your skin of those dry winter layers, try using either the Mandelic Acid Scrub or Clarifying Granule Scrub twice a week in the shower instead of your usual cleanser. No need to scrub hard, gentle upward circles for 30 seconds should do the trick! You can even use a little scrub on your shoulders to be tank top ready. Slough off that unwanted and uncomfortable texture to reveal glowing skin for spring.

Warmer weather and sunny days seems like a dream after all the cold and rain, but a rise in humidity can also trigger more oil production. While you’re changing your jacket from thick to light-weight, the same can be true for your moisturizer! Replace richer moisturizers with something lighter, like our Oil Free Moisturizer or the Hydra Gel underneath your sun protection.

And of course, we always recommend that you wear sunscreen everyday. You’ll thank us in 20 years. 😉

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